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Can someone tell me the difference between Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine learning and big data.

These terms always confuse me, I just want a rough Idea about how they differ from each other.

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I will brief you on it:

  • Data Analytics- A technique of Data Analysis
  • Data mining- Used to deal with a large amount of data
  • Data Science- It is used for statistical Analysis, Probability models and complex math, it includes Algorithms and Data
  • Machine Learning- It allows machine to learn data from a Database.
  • Big Data- It deals with a very large complex data  easily.
  • Data Analysis- Used to analyse large data.
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Data Analytics: It is the application of a mechanical or algorithmic process in order to derive insights. In other words, it performs runs through various data set to find meaningful correlations.

Data Analysis: It is a heuristic activity where the analyst scans through all data to gain some insights.

Data Mining: It involves bringing all the data together to discover unknown trends and correlations.

Data Science: It is a multi-disciplinary field which uses scientific process and algorithms to extract useful knowledge and insights from both structured and unstructured data.

Machine learning: It is the ability of a system to automatically learn and improve or modify based on past experiences without being explicitly programmed.

Big Data: They are large data sets which are analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations which are specially related to human behavior an interactions.

Hope this helps!