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I'd like to plot something like this:


But it doesn't work as if you do:


Can you please guide me where I am wrong?

1 Answer

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Try to implement the below code in R programming:

curve(dnorm(x, mean = 2), from = -3, to = 3)

The above curve function watches for the xname= variable (defaults to x) in the function call, so in dnorm(x, mean=2), it is not able to refer to an x in the calling environment, it is a placeholder for the curve to use for repeated values.

The reason plot(dnorm, ...) works because of the presence of graphics::plot.function, since dnorm in our case, is a function. When you have tried to execute the plot(dnorm(mean=2)), the dnorm(mean=2) will no longer a function, it is a call ... that happens to fail because it requires x (its first argument) be provided.

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