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I am new to  Python and can't even write the first example:

print 'SyntaxError: invalid syntax'

this gives SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Why is this? I'm using version 3.1

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Add the parenthesis, like this:


Example of probably for the older python 2, which didn't use parenthesis for print.

Reasons are that in python 2.x print is a keyword, whereas in python >3 it's a function.

For beginners, that is the biggest difference between versions 2 and 3 (the next is raw_input. For python 3 use input instead). So you can probably keep going with the examples, just remember to add the parenthesis for print. Once you start printing arguments, put them inside parenthesis like this:

# The old python 2 way:

print "arg1", "arg2"

# The new python 3 way:

print("arg1", "arg2")

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