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I'm trying to extract year/date/month info from the 'date' column in the pandas dataframe. Here is my sample code:

from datetime import datetime

def date_split(calendar):

  for row in calendar: 



I haven't finished the complete code, but when I test run this part I keep getting error like this:

----> 7         listdate=datetime.strptime(row['date'],'%Y-%M-%D')

TypeError: string indices must be integers

Anyone has any idea?

Btw, this is the dataframe I use (calendar_data):

enter image description here

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To extract day/year/month from pandas dataframe, use to_datetime as depicted in the below code:

print (df['date'].dtype)



df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['date'])


print (df['date'].dtype)


For extracting year,month and day to new column,follow the code:

df['year'] = df['date'].dt.year

df['month'] = df['date'].dt.month

df['day'] = df['date']

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