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If I am trying to get responses like I say "Hello" and get a random response in return (from the code below) how would I make this work based off of what I say like if I were to say "what is your name" and want a response from a name list instead Can I pull that off with a Dict?

import random 

responseHello = [



"How can i help you?",


responseDict = {

                "hello" : "responseHello"


h = input("say Hello:")

if h = responseDict["hello"]


So, as shown here (I know that bottom half certainly isn't right I just tried it) what would I have to do in order to get my input to cause a different response?. I am so sorry if this doesn't make sense, I just learned of the dictionary command today and am trying to figure it out. any help is greatly appreciated! (I know I have to try following some tutorial for chatbots but every time I do TensorFlow doesn't work at all)

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Change if statement as below and it should work.

import random

if h in resoponseDict:


Edit: get random element in response Hello

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