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I am trying to build a windows service in Python and followed this article: how-to-create-a-windows-service-in-python

    import time

    import random

    from pathlib import Path

    from SMWinservice import SMWinservice


    import logging


    # Gets or creates a logger

    logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)


    # set log level



    # define file handler and set formatter

    file_handler = logging.FileHandler('LogsOrderIt.log')

    formatter    = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s :: %(levelname)s :: %(message)s (%(name)s)')



    # add file handler to logger



    _svc_name_ = "OrderItService"

    _svc_display_name_ = "OrderIt Service"

    _svc_description_ = "Service intended to order my pdf files from Buffer"


    class OrderItService(SMWinservice):


        def start(self):

            self.isrunning = True


        def stop(self):

            self.isrunning = False


        def main(self):

            while self.isrunning:


                x = random.randint(1, 1000000)


                logger.warning("New files named {path} created".format(a="c:\df\{x}.txt"))



    if __name__ == '__main__':


In the code above, SMWinservice is a base class from the article without any change.

I wanted to add logs so that I can create a logger and try to start logging but I ended up with the following error:

The instance's SvcRun() method failed

<Error getting traceback - traceback.print_exception() failed

%2: %3

If I comment/remove the line below from my code it is working fine:

  logger.warning("New files named {path} created".format(a="c:\df\{x}.txt"))

I would appreciate it if you could help me understand where my issue is coming from. Thanks

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You could try to use f strings.

Both "path" and "Path" are supposed to be the same?

Path(f"c:\df{x}.txt").touch() logger.warning("New files named {path} created".format(a="c:\df{x}.txt"))

If so try this

Path(f"c:\df{x}.txt").touch() logger.warning(f"New files named {Path} created")

Not so sure if this will solve anything but I just wondered.

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