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I'm using Protractor to perform some end to end tests, and I'd like to pass in login credentials through the command line instead of storing them in a spec file. I found one post where someone used process.argv.forEach, but how can I store those values and use them in another spec file? I have a file called login-spec.js where I'd like to use the command-line arguments.

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To give credentials to params use the below code

// The params object will be passed directly to the protractor instance,

  // and can be accessed from your test. It is an arbitrary object and can

  // contain anything you may need in your test.

  // This can be changed via the command line as:

  //   --params.login.user 'Joe'

  params: {

    login: {

      user: 'user',

      password: '12345'



Params object can be accessed by using 


Calling of protractor can be done using

protractor ... --params.login.user=abc --params.login.password=123

Variables can be accessed through 




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