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Here's my code:

def front_back(a, b):

 # +++your code here+++

  if len(a) % 2 == 0 && len(b) % 2 == 0:

    return a[:(len(a)/2)] + b[:(len(b)/2)] + a[(len(a)/2):] + b[(len(b)/2):] 


    #todo! Not yet done. :P


I'm getting an error in the IF conditional. What am I doing wrong?

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You can simply use the keyword' and in place of && operator.

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While in Python for logical and we use ‘and’ keyword and for logical or we use ‘or’ keyword.


if foo == 'abc' and bar == 'bac' or zoo == '123':

To know more about this you can have a look at the following video tutorial:-

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