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I set up a python code to run Selenium chromedriver.exe. At the end of the run, I have browser.close() to close the instance. (browser = webdriver.Chrome()) I believe it should release chromedriver.exe from memory (I'm on Windows 7). However, after each run, there is one chromedriver.exe instance remain in the memory. I hope there is a way I can write something in python to kill the chromedriver.exe process. Obviously browser.close() doesn't do the work. Thanks.

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This answer will depict, how to properly dispose of the web-driver in C#

If you want to use a 'proper' mechanism that should be used to 'tidy up' after running ChromeDriver you should use IWebDriver.Dispose();

I usually implement IDisposable on the class that is dealing with IWebDriver

public class WebDriverController : IDisposable


   public IWebDriver Driver;

    public void Dispose(){




and use it like:

using (var controller = new WebDriverController())


//code goes here


 Hope this helps!

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