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I am trying out the steps for setting up a sample hyperledger fabric1.0 network as per the steps mentioned here on windows 7. As part of this I am following these steps for Hyperledger Fabric Samples

Since my OS is Windows7 64bit, I am using 
Docker Toolbox

But my problem here is, while running the following command in Docker Quickstart Terminal

curl -sSL ¦ bash

I am getting the error

bash: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
bash: line 1: <HTML>

I also found a note in the steps like

If you get an error running the above curl command, you may have too old a version of curl. Please visit the Prerequisites page for additional information on where to find the latest version.

I have the latest version of curl set in the windows environment, but in Docker Quickstart Terminal it is using some older version.
I tried to update it in virtual machine terminal using yum update curl.x86_64 but yum, update etc. are not found.
How can I update the curl in this case? And if the curl version is not the problem, where I am doing wrong here?

 Please suggest.. 

Thanks in advance.

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The version of the curl which is installed in your machine probably does not support redirects. Probably, you should update your version of Curl to avoid getting these errors.

You may also replace the URL with the raw GH URL to resolve these issues.

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