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Presently working on Blue Prism V5.0, now I am working with the code block in BP now my aim is to get all the filesnames in a given folder/path. For this, I am using the C# code.

String[] str = Directory.GetFiles(inputFolderPath);

for this I am providing the input file/folder path through the same code block, the output of the file is string by default but BP doesn't have the type String so, how to convert the data type string to a collection.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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You can use a blue prism standard to do this operation, its better to use that because it does output a lot of columns, including: filename and filepath, extension, size etc. It also allows for filtering the results. Example could be ".*pdf" that should force action to return only the files with that extension.

Object: Utility - File Management
Action: Get Files

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