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I cannot pretend to begin to understand how AI software is created, but while reading some news articles today the thought occurred to me: When does AI become actual AI and not just complicated IF statements in the background? If everything software does come down to determinable IF statements with some degree of randomness, how does it have any more or less AI than any other program?

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Answering your first question, why do you think that there's a difference? As far as we know, our brains are really just "determinable IF statements with some degree of randomness" as well. Physics is just applied math, chemistry is just physics with some details simplified to allow working at a larger scale, biology is just simplified large-scale chemistry. 

You can refer the following link for knowing what counts as artificially intelligent:

Now coming to your second question, Emergent complexity - the whole is more than the sum of its parts and, as it gets more complex, often shows behavior that cannot be tracked down to any one of the parts, or even specific groups of them.

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