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I am trying to automate a web application using firefox on blue prism. When I use the application modeler to launch the web application, first it is asking for credentials to login on a pop-up window. Application modeler cannot identify this pop up has appeared. So I cannot automate the login. However after login manually, I can spy other elements in the application as normal. Any idea on how to automate the pop-up window asking for user name and password?

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It would have been better if you attached screenshots of what we are working with as it is hard to answer your query properly without knowing what we are dealing with, anyway I  am assuming that you specified your application as browser-based in application modeler.  like. There are a few options that you can try:

  • In version 6.4 Blue Prism introduced Firefox plug-in. If you upgrade your version to the latest one (if you are not using it already), then maybe you'll be able to spy the pop up.

  • If this web application does not necessarily need to be launched via Firefox in particular, then you can test its working and spying possibilities on other browsers - Internet Explorer.

  • You can spy the whole browser's window using Region mode and use Surface Automation techniques to input credentials and log in.

  • You can try using web services (if applicable with this website) to connect with the API of the web application, you'll be able to validate your credentials via web services as well. Blue Prism natively supports SOAP-based web services, you might need to come with some code stages to wrap it up. It's a little complicated so I wouldn't recommend it as my first choice.


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