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Can anyone tell me how to become a business analyst with no experience?

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To become a Business Analyst, you need to learn the following topics:

  • Various information gathering techniques
  • Elicitation and collaboration process
  • Adaptability in Business Analytics
  • Competencies of a Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst role in project teams
  • Requirements gathering and strategy analysis
  • Information management and governance
  • Tools and techniques of a Business Analyst
  • Documenting and communicating information

Apart from the knowledge of technical skills, it is difficult to get your first job as a Business analyst for a fresher. So, you have to create your market by uploading your good projects on GitHub, and write blogs. Take a good Business Analytics course that provides certification after completing it. This will helps the interviewer to believe in your skills.

If you want to become a Business Analyst, check out this Business Analyst Training Course by Intellipaat that provides hands-on projects, certification, and job assistance.

Also, you can watch this video to understand more:

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