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Could someone tell me how to prepare for Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam?

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Google Cloud Platform is one of the fastest-growing cloud services offered by Internet giant Google. Google with its huge presence on the internet is pushing aggressively in the market for domination in the cloud space where AWS is the current leader trailed by Microsoft Azure.

Google gives certification in Associate, Professional, and user (individual) level. 

A prerequisite for cracking the Google Professional certification is to have at least 3 years of experience in the industry along with 1-year of experience in working with GCP.

  1. If you want to clear the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification then I recommend that you take up the Google Cloud certification from Intellipaat! This training comes with an industry-based project which greatly helps in enhancing the hands-on experience, which is most preferable for a certification like this.
  2. For beginners, we have a Blog article on Google Cloud, which I insist you check out.
  3. Once the training gets over, you then can confidently go and register yourself by paying the amount on the Google cloud website and book your slot suiting your availability.

Also, have a look at our video from our expert on Google Cloud.

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