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I currently try to implement amazon ec2 and I read that after one year they charge you. I used google app engine before(using java) and there is the feature that you can enable/disable charging. I just want to try the free ec2 instance, so here are my questions:

  • Does Amazon EC2 AUTOMATICALLY charge you after one year?
  • How to disable the automatic charging function?

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There is no option to disable charging currently. To should be within the limits of free tier to not get charged. And stopping your instance is more than enough to not get charged. In GCP, if you have zero HTTP requests it will automatically stop your application.

Even if you delete your credit card information, you will be receiving bills if there is an unpaid balance. 

Amazon will only remind if there is an unpaid balance. When you are using its services it will not remind you when it goes over free tier. You can put a reminder by yourself or you can set up alarms.


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