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It has been very confusing between Microsoft.Azure.Storage.* and WindowsAzure.Storage, whereas both are from Microsoft only.

Can anyone help me to distinguish between them, and where to use which package?

Your help is really appreciated?

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WindowsAzure.Storage with a latest version of v9.3.2 is the Storage SDK we often use whereas Microsoft.Azure.Storage.* has a latest version of v9.4.0 is the new release nuget.

Microsoft.Azure.Storage added NetStandard2.0  support after 9.0 preview, which contains synchronous methods wrapped over the asynchronous APIs. Whereas WindowsAzure.Storage on NetStandard only has asynchronous APIs.

Microsoft.Azure.Storage v9.4 package comes back for Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage namespace temporarily for the transition for existing libraries.

Hope this will work.

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