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I'm not getting shorthand syntax for the "--message-attributes" parameter to work when sending messages using AWS CLI for SQS. The Commands that I used are below,

aws sqs send-message \

--queue-url \

--message-body "message body goes here" \

--message-attributes firstAttribute={DataType=String,StringValue="hello world"},secondAttribute={DataType=String,StringValue="goodbye world"}

And I'm getting this error:

Parameter validation failed: Invalid type for parameter MessageAttributes.contentType, value: StringValue=Snapshot, type: , valid types:

Any solution?

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Here you can use inline JSON, like:

aws sqs send-message 


  --message-body "message body goes here" 

  --message-attributes '{ "firstAttribute":{ "DataType":"String","StringValue":"hello world" }, "secondAttribute":{ "DataType":"String","StringValue":"goodbye world"} }'

This will work for you.

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