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Hello,all. I'm totally new to python and I'm still wondering what versions of numpy/matplotlib/scipy are compatible with different versions of python

Right now, I am utilizing Python 3.4.3, numpy 1.8.2, scipy 0.13.3 and matplotlib 1.3.1. I saw on the scipy FAQ that "the primary release of NumPy to help Python 3 was NumPy 1.5.0. Python 3 help in SciPy begins with version 0.9.0." But by what method would it be advisable for one to understand what variants of these modules are proper for python 3.4? Eg. I realize that there is a scipy 0.18, however, will it conceivably make issues if endeavor use with python 3.4 and not 3.5? Sorry if this is a senseless inquiry, I simply need to try not to need to uninstall/update various adaptations on different occasions, which I as of now have done.

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I recommend you to have a closer look at the Anaconda installation.

You would be installing all necessary packages in a single step and besides that, all the packages will mutually compatible and tested.

You can install packages simply by using packaging tool-conda:

conda install package_name
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