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I'm ramping up on learning Solidity, and have some ideas. At the moment I am curious if files/images can be put on the blockchain. I'm thinking an alternative would be some hybrid approach where some stuff is on the blockchain, and some stuff is in a more traditional file storage and uses address references to grab it. One issue I foresee is gas price of file uploads.

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Yes, it is possible to store images in the Ethereum blockchain. However, it is advised that you should not do it. 

This is because storing images on the Ethereum blockchain is extremely expensive. 

The cost of data storage is 640k gas per Kb of data, and the current gas price is approximately 15 Gwei or 0.000000015 ETH. And 1 ETH equals $200 presently. 

So, for uploading 1 Kb, you will be spending $2

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