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 I am having two tables in the SQL Server 2008 with the below structure:


- ID

- DescriptionID

- Description


- ID

- Description

Table1.DescriptionID maps to the Table2.ID. But, I don't want that any more. I need to be doing a bulk update to set the Description property of Table1 to the value associated with it in Table2. In other words, I need to be doing something like this:




  [Description]=(SELECT [Description] FROM [Table2] t2 WHERE t2.[ID]=Table1.DescriptionID)

Can anyone guide me on how to do it. 

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Your approach is right, and here is a different way you could do it:

update      Table1
set         Description = t2.Description
from        Table1 t1
inner join  Table2 t2
on          t1.DescriptionID = t2.ID

The nested select is a great way of just doing a join.

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