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I am having 4 tables to join in the SQL Server and I also need to show Specific Columns in Data Grid View.

First Table : emp_details

enter image description here

Second Table : tbl_designation

enter image description here

Third Table: tbl_empcontribution

enter image description here

Fourth table: tbl_empdeduction

enter image description here

Columns that need to be shown in Data Grid View is

1.From the first table, I need to show emp_id, emp_name , emp_pf

2.From the second table, I need to show designation_name

3.From the third table, I need to show pfacc1 and pfacc2

4.From the Fourth table, I need to show pf_percent and pf_max

Can anyone help with this?

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You should consider having your naming conventions consistent because this helps visually and reduce bugs when writing code. Following is the query you need:

SELECT ed.emp_id, ed.emp_name , ed.emp_pf, emd.designation_name, te.pfacc1, te.pfacc2, temp. pf_percent, temp.pf_max

FROM dbo.emp_details AS ed

LEFT JOIN dbo.emp_designation AS emd ON emd.designation_id = ed.emp_designation 

LEFT JOIN dbo.tbl_empcontribution AS te ON te.eid = ed.emp_id

LEFT JOIN dbo.tbl_empdeduction AS temp ON temp.eid = ed.emp_id

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If you want to know more about Left Join, refer to the below SQL Left Join tutorial video that will help you out in a better way:

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