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I am currently using Digital ocean spaces as a cloud storage to store users data. This is costing me for both hosting the data and for data transfer. So, want to migrate to AWS S3 (frequent access). I have been through the official docs of AWS S3. And found that, it will cost only for the data hosted in their storage, regardless of the retrieval numbers, I am new to AWS ecosystem and not sure about the pricing concept of AWS. Please let me know the pricing for the following scenario:

=> any user can upload a data in my mobile applications

=> if i store around 100 gb of data with AWS s3,

=> if i retrieve that 100 gb around 50 to 100 times a day in my mobile app.

=> how much I need to pay per month,

=> current pricing to store 1 gb is around $0.02.($0.02/1gb)

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In AWS S3, you are charged for Data storage, Number of requests, Data transfer which depend on Region you use. So, if you're retrieve 100 GB of data 50 to 100 times a day, you will pay for data transfer costs. Also you can look for some hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth.

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