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Can anyone help me with exactly what are the difference between Azure blob storage static website and Azure static web apps?

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Basically, there are lot more benefits for using Azure Static Web apps over Azure blob Static website. These are as follows:

1. With Azure static web app you will have an option to store functions in the same repository.

2. It will provide you with an automated preview environments.

3. Also, it contains an APIs that are scaled with your static content.

4. It is very simple build and have a simple deployment process.

I hope this will help.

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There is a long list of benefits that Azure static web app offers that does not come with the static website which is hosted on blob storage.

  1. Functions in the same repo.
  2. TLS cert management (free!)
  3. Automated preview environments
  4. APIs that are scaled and hosted with your static content
  5. Content and corresponding APIs logically versioned together
  6. Simplified build and deployment process

Hope you got answer your question.

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