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I have numerous rows in a database that contains XML and I'm attempting to compose Python code to count instances of a specific node attribute. 

My tree resembles: 



      <type foobar="1"/>

      <type foobar="2"/>



How might I access the attributes "1" and "2" in the XML utilizing Python?

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I propose ElementTree. There are other viable executions of similar API, for example, lxml, and cElementTree in the Python standard library itself; however, in this unique circumstance, what they predominantly add is much more speed - the simplicity of programming part relies upon the API, which ElementTree characterizes. 

First form an Element case root from the XML, for example with the XML work, or by parsing a document with something like:

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

root = ET.parse('thefile.xml').getroot()

You can also do like this:

for type_tag in root.findall('bar/type'):

    value = type_tag.get('foobar')


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