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Could someone tell me how to begin in data science and what are all the things I should study to master it?

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Aspiring Data Scientists with no prior knowledge in the field are also easily able to get into the domain. Especially now that Data Science is one of the most sought-after careers, many learning platforms and training institutes have added Data Science courses to their list for learners. These institutes also provide certifications after the course is completed and that can be used later to apply for jobs and interviews. 

But I would like to mention that before enrolling in classes, you should check out all the online resources that are available plenty like YouTube video tutorials, Data Science tutorial blogs, free demo courses, etc. While they don’t necessarily cover all of the modules that are in Data Science, I would say it is a very good way to get started for beginners such as yourself. Here is a really comprehensive video tutorial by Intellipaat that is available on their YouTube playlist - 

Make sure to check out the whole playlist from the link above that is dedicated to everything Data Science. The tutorials are designed to help beginners start from the very beginning without them having to worry about what sequence to follow. Once you have completed these tutorials, you will be ready to take on a full training program. Intellipaat has a well-designed course for Data Science. Make sure to reach out to the course advisors for a consultation. The course comes with 24/7 online learning support as well as an opportunity to go through the placement assistance that is available for learners who have completed the course.

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