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Where can I learn about AI & ML in India?

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To start your research on a popular technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), you need to follow a given set of guidelines. Following are the steps you need to take to begin your research in AI:

  • First, you need to become familiar with AI and its goals and applications. AI is the field of Computer Science that allows machines to perform tasks like human beings. Its main goal is to help machines deduce and reason, represent their knowledge, plan, use Natural Language Processing (NLP), and gain the ability to manipulate objects, to achieve Human-level intelligence.

  • Further, you need to gain detailed knowledge of the types of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can largely be divided into three categories, Weak AI or Narrow AI, General AI, and Super AI. Once you understand these, you 

  • Once you gain theoretical knowledge, you need to gain skills and become an expert in the numerous tools and technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This will help you gain practical experience which will prove to be beneficial while applying for jobs.

AI is one of the most popular IT domains that aims to revolutionize the world with its advancements. To begin your research, you must enroll in the best Artificial Intelligence Course which will make you an expert in this domain. It is the best way to start your research in this trending field.

Also, watch this YouTube tutorial on Artificial Intelligence:

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