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Name the components of AI

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Some of the most essential components of Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

  • Hardware: Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are an integral part of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. These are high-end graphics cards that are used in servers. The graphics card along with the software stack allows Artificial Intelligence models to easily process vast amounts of business data.

  • Frameworks: Once the hardware is all set, the libraries and frameworks come into the picture as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications can only be built on them. R programming language and Matlab library are the most commonly used in AI. Often, professionals use the TensorFlow framework to develop AI applications. Some of the other frameworks that are used in this domain include PyTorch, Caffe, Kara’s, etc. TensorFlow is the most popular one due to its unique features that handle images, text, and more.

  • APIs: APIs are among the significant necessities while publishing AI services, such as sentiment analysis, image and text classification, and more. Alexa and Siri are great examples of AI applications that have helped solve numerous problems. 

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