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What is the scope in AI for ECE department?

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Artificial Intelligence is rather an interdisciplinary field. It's not just related to computer science.

Informal Definition of AI: Machines learning from experiences just like a toddler learns things by watching and listening.

Now its only relation to computer science is those learning models(method to teach machines) and these too are heavily based on linear algebra, probability, calculus, and optimization theory(these are not CS-specific subjects).

Does it belong to ECE?

You have to teach a robot how to walk smoothly avoiding obstacles or perform any specific task. Or you need to make your home smart(read IoT). There comes Electronics. Heavy dependence on embedded systems.

Scope of artificial intelligence in ECE :

AI will grow leaps and bounds without caring about any single field. It will use whatever it takes to improve. You yourself have to judge what part you can play in that. You want to improve communication systems, signal systems and make it smart to enter AI(to be specific ML).

Importance to your department:

I know the best semiconductor companies investing heavily in AI, like Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and many more. We need a beast of processing power to run ML models and for that, we need special GPUs. Explore if you can do anything in that area.

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