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Is data scientist in demand? Or they just do BI work in companies?

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  • 19,000 openings are available on LinkedIn for Data Science professionals in the US

  • 41,000 job openings are available on Naukri for Data Science professionals in India

  • US$122,579 is the average annual income of Data Science professionals in the US as per Indeed. 

  • The average annual salary of a Data Science professional in India is ₹990,000 - Glassdoor

Data Science is definitely not a dead role. In fact, we are not able to meet the rise in demand for Data Scientists globally as there aren’t enough qualified professionals to fill these roles. Any Data Scientist with the right qualifications and expertise gets highly paid. Nowadays, hiring is based on individual company requirements and specific skills rather than qualifications alone. 

Data Science requires intensive training and practice on real-time projects as well as coding. And top companies will not settle for anything less. So, they are least likely to fall for inexperienced candidates. I would highly recommend spending as much time on projects as you can so that you can showcase all your work when the time comes. 

One thing is for certain, Data Science will always be in demand as long as data exists. Data is growing every second and it can be capitalized on. However, Data Science is not going to stay the same and will continue to evolve in the future to keep up with new technologies.

Companies that understand the true value and essence of data will hire Data Scientists who have the right skills to drive better decision making. In addition to the other essential skills in the domain, try to gain expertise in some of the languages from the following list to be even considered for the role of Data Scientist:

  • Python

  • SQL

  • R

  • Julia

  • Matlab

  • Mathematica

  • C++

  • Java

You can start learning all about Data Science from this video:

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