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I have an employee list which I want to iterate on a site which fetches employee records

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I am using workfusion to automate the manual process but in the first step the user has to select employee name from the dropdown or the user can type the name to filter.

It works if I hard code the name and use keyboard sequence(Typed text) but I have multiple names to iterate and therefore I take a list variable but it fails to select the name from the list variable.

How can I iterate multiple names from the dropdown one by one?

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For solving your issue you can try the following :

  •  Use a 'foreach feature' (or any loop) to iterate on your list. Save the list element to a variable, say list_element.
  • Next, Use 'Enter Keystrokes' feature, change the selection to 'from variable' and choose the variable 'list_element' from the dropdown menu in its description.
  • Alternatively, you can also select the option 'typed text' with text as ${list_element}, this works fine too.

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