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How is big data related to AI and vice versa?

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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are technologies that complement each other. AI systems become better and more capable only when more data is fed to them. It allows companies to get a better understanding of their customers in ways that seemed impossible earlier. Similarly, Big Data is not useful or efficient if there is no software that can help analyze it. This is where Artificial Intelligence systems come into the picture. 

With the help of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence helps in solving numerous business problems through its applications, some of which are listed below:

  • Anomaly detection: Artificial Intelligence helps in analyzing data in order to detect patterns in the data that would not be noticeable by humans.

  • Probability of results: Using the past conditions that are known to the system through the given data, AI systems can make predictions of the possibility of certain future outcomes that could be influenced by the past data

  • Pattern recognition: Artificial Intelligence systems help in finding patterns that human beings can not

  • Recognize patterns in graphs and bars: AI also helps in finding trends and patterns and graphs and bars that may go unnoticed by humans

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