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What are the major challenges in the field of AI which needs to be resolved?

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Some of the significant problems in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that need to be resolved are as follows:

  • Lack of technical skills and knowledge: In order to integrate and implement AI and its applications in organizations, the professionals should have great knowledge and understanding of the latest advancements in AI and its advantages and disadvantages. The lack of technical knowledge has hindered the implementation of this niche field in most companies.

  • Expense: A lot of small organizations find it difficult to adopt AI and its applications in their departments due to the cost. It is comparatively easy and affordable for top organizations like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc., to allocate some budget for adopting this technology.

  • Data storage and data acquisition: Data storage and acquisition are among the biggest problems of AI. Most AI systems in organizations depend on sensor input data and for its validation, a large volume of sensor data is collected. While collecting this data, it is possible that a lot of irrelevant data can cause an obstruction as they are difficult to store and analyze.

Along with these, there are other problems of AI that can be faced by organizations, such as ethical and legal problems, lack of computational speed, etc. To find solutions to these problems and become a professional in this domain, sign up for an online Artificial Intelligence Course from Intellipaat.

Also, learn more about AI from this video tutorial below:

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