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I'm attempting to move an App Service from one service plan to another. When I use the portal to do so, the other App Service plan is not displaying.

Both App Services are in the same Location and Resource Group. The two App Services Plans are in the same location and have the same pricing tier.

I use the "Change App Service Plan" option for the web app. The only App Service Plan that is displayed is the current one. There is also a "Create New" option.

So, in summary: 1) Why is the other App Service Plan not able to be selected. 2) How can I move the App Service (Web App) to the other App Service Plan.

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It is possible, you can find this option in the main resource menu as  "Change App Service Plan". Check this screenshot below:

Change Azure App service plan
You should be able to move an app service (or your website), even your deployment slot to some different plan (may be the same parameters as well as location).
In case it does not work, why you are not able to see other App Service plan while trying to change the App service plan is due to the current limitation in moving the Azure Web App Resources.
Some other app service plan which you are willing to move to your web app to is some other resource group with existing azure web apps

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