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How AI technology is different from other?

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Traditional software being signed to work with computers on modern operating systems. You might be reading this using an Apple good like a phone or on a laptop computer using a Microsoft working system.

Artificial intelligence can be defined simply as…

..the ability of a computer to imagine and learn. It is a field of research that tries to make computers "smart" and as machines become frequently capable, mental facilities once thought to require skill are removed from the definition.

The complexity of computing and AI is much easier to understand when we understand the logic of binary logic. Leibniz developed the binary code used in digital computing, but the fundamental principle of paired logic was first developed in China, (even though the Chinese did not call it logic). The story below gives a review of the origin of the binary code.

Artificial Intelligence is now in great demand therefore it is suggested to have AI Certification to start your career in AI.

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