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How AI can transform the business?

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AI is a scientific art of creating human-like intelligent machines. And is proactively being used in businesses everywhere.


Apple is one big example. Any Apple product owner is very well versed with Siri, which is nothing but sheer AI. Siri is a voice interface that surfs through playlists, attends calls on your behalf, has entertaining conversations with you, and much more.


AI can be considered as a parent concept to many baby concepts, machine learning, robotics, and many more. We will emphasize artificial intelligence and machine learning in this post.

1. Can retarget customers with ads On E-Commerce Sites

2. Chatbots can be used for Customer Service & Care

Chat + Robot = Chatbot!

3. Can Convert Visitors To Customers Using CRM

4. Get Marketing Analytics with AI

5. AI can Build Customer-Centric Products

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