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What are some of the best features of AI?

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These are the features of AI that make it unique:

.Eliminate dull and boring tasks.

.Data ingestion.

.Imitates human cognition.


.Prevent natural disasters.

.Facial Recognition and Chatbots.

1. Eliminate Dull and Boring Tasks

All of us have, at some point, accomplished a certain task just because we had to do it, not because we enjoyed doing it. We found that task to be boring, or dull. However, with a machine, you never have to experience similar boredness. An artificially intelligent system will do and continue doing the task as commanded to it, no matter how many times it has to do it. Also, such systems only make tedious, vast tasks easier for the users.

2. Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is one of the most important features of artificial intelligence. Artificially intelligent systems deal with huge amounts of data. Even a small company of about 50 employees has huge chunks of data to analyze, we can’t even imagine the quantity of data that organizations like Facebook handle.

3. Imitates Human Cognition

We call it an artificially intelligent system because it essentially imitates or mimics the way the human mind thinks and solves problems. This is what makes AI unique. Like humans study their environment, draw inferences, and then interact with it accordingly, an AI also successfully attempts to interpret the environment and act suitably.

4. Futuristic

AI-enabled systems are designed to observe and react to their surroundings. They not only perceive the environment and take actions accordingly but also keep in mind (isn’t it ironic that I just used ‘mind’ for artificial intelligence?) the situations that might come up in the near future.

5. Prevent Natural Disasters

We are all friendly with using AI for our businesses, for our gaming profiles, and for more such purposes. Now it is our turn to take AI one step ahead and hone it so that governments can use it in disaster management. Artificially intelligent systems, when fed with data about thousands of previous disasters, AI can accurately predict the future relating to the disasters that might occur.

6. Facial Recognition and Chatbots

A facial recognition system enables a machine to unlock or provide authorized access to an individual, by verifying or identifying a person’s face. A camera fits into the machine senses the face, and it is compared to a previously stored face in its memory. Most smartphones these days provide facial recognition to unlock the phone.

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