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What are the prerequisites of AI?

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There is a number of subjects to master to get into artificial intelligence.

List of core subjects in an AI curriculum.


Maths and Statistics is very important  to master to get into artificial intelligence


  • 1.linear Algebra


  • 2.Differential and integral calculus.


  • 3.Matrices and linear transformations.


  • 4.Probabilistic graphical models.


  • 5.Bayesian Networking.


  • 6.Probability theory


  • 7.Modern regression


  • 8.Integration and Approximation.


Computer science


1.Computer science and Programming.


2.Principles of imperative computation.


3.Principles of functional programming.


4.Data science essentials.


5.Parallel and sequential data structures and algorithms.


6.Logic Programming and computational logic


7.Agile software development.


Artificial intelligence Core Subjects


1.Machine learning, Deep learning, and reinforcement learning


2.Information theory, inference, and learning algorithms.


3.Neural networks for machine learning


4. Artificial intelligence representation and problem-solving.


5.Natural language processing.


6.Computer vision and image analysis.

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