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What is the career scope of AI and Machine Learning in India?

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The scope is spread across the world, and India is ahead of so many countries.

  1. Think of a traditional service-based company….when a product developer focuses more on AI and demands cognitive solutions for them, the service-based company also starts investing in AI resources. This is happening in India! TCS, Wipro, Cognizant are some examples.

  2. In India, so many product-based companies are there and AI is the main focus for so many of them. Flipkart, Amazon is developing the smartest suggestion engine. Intelligent Chatbots are being developed by Google ….even the majority of banking units are investing in predictive analysis. Some networking companies (like Cisco ) are running on Anomaly Detection.

  3. Aside from major service or product-based Giants, there are so many start-ups that are rising in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad. These companies are showcasing different proof of concepts and selling them too.

Since the scope of Artificial Intelligence is very high in India, there is a huge demand for Artificial Intelligence Certified persons. You can become an expert in AI by joining Intellipaat Artificial Intelligence Certification.

Hence, for India also, this is the era of AI. All you need is intellectual information in both the principles of AI and likely use cases.

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