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I belong to computer science background, and wants to enter into the field of AI. How can I do that?

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is a very vast field, and its cutting edge, and much of the research is under progress, and many things must be still learned to reach a concrete conclusion. If you are from a Computer Science background, you would find it easier than people from another background, like Law, Medical, Psychology, etc., as Mathematics, Coding knowledge, and another associated knowledge is required in mastering the domain. There is no concrete path or way to break into AI career, but, starting off get sound knowledge in math, and learn important, trending, and useful Programming Languages, like Python, and frameworks, like TensorFlow, Keras, and be proficient in packages like NumPy, NLTK, etc.

Before all these, dwell on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as understanding them would give you better insights, and direction that you need to choose to achieve your objectives. Keep your eyes and ears open about new opportunities in the field of AI, and then decide after concrete research and observation, because every day, new methods and fields are rising and seem to change the way we live, but not every technology has that kind of pressing importance, and validation in the long run, so choose your learning path wisely. But the importance of certification will never fade away, so it is wise to get yourself certified from reputed e-learning companies like Intellipaat, which offers you with AI course. And industry-grade course, with guided projects and exercises to help you get sufficient practical experience. Also, watch the following video on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners.

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