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Could someone tell me what does a cyber security professional do?

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A cybersecurity professional is the one who is trained in securing the information stored from getting stolen or attacked by people with malicious intent using software meant for data-theft.

A cybersecurity professional main responsibility is to examine the whole infrastructure in network, database, firewalls, hardware, software, and encryption of the company that hired them to make them foolproof or cover any loopholes that would act as the first line of defense against malicious attackers. There are many types of jobs within the cybersecurity domain ranging from entry-level jobs like cybersecurity analyst to expert-level like a cybersecurity specialist.

And if in case they break the first line of defense these professionals have to respond quickly to fend off these attacks and deploy security systems that will act against the attacker’s codes to rectify the system and prevent them from getting further down the organization's security measures to steal data, that might be for personal or economic gains.

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