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I want to connect to a database on GoDaddy and insert some values into it. All the codes are in place and it works on the localhost. Though I don't know how to connect to the online database. I selected the remote hosting option when creating the database on their web interface.

It doesn't work with the localhost as obviously they are not hosted on the same server.

Exactly what I want to know is what I have to write into this.

$con = mysql_connect("WHATINEEDTOWRITE","username","password");
//note that mysql_connect is just given as an example to help clarify the situation.

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GoDaddy runs its database servers off a remote host.

So, your $con statement will appear like the following:

$con = mysql_connect("USERNAME.db.123456789.hostedresource.com", "DATABASE_USERNAME", "DATABASE_PASSWORD");

You would then need to select the database in the following statement.

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