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How do AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain differ from each other?

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These are the buzzing terms, that have garnered almost everyone’s attention, in recent years very much. Each of these technologies has a pivotal role that they are playing and will continue to transform our society and bringing in huge investments, to develop and prosper this new-age technology. Let us understand these technological terms, by explaining them in brief and in simple language to make better sense.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence is the domain or field of Science which is focused on making machines or computers think like humans, take actions themselves with limited or without any form of human intervention. AI is being developed to mimic human actions and behaviors, through algorithms, that help make possible extensive neural networks that enable AI to make sense, visualize, decide, and perform various forms of activities. AI has been undercover for so long almost several decades now, is limited because of low computing resources, and other associated technologies, which hindered its progress. But now, AI is really catching up in every field, being implemented to make every sector efficient.

Machine Learning (ML): Machine Learning is considered a subset of Machine Learning which is growing at peak levels and is being implemented in various sectors. Machine Learning or ML is basically training machines using very huge datasets, to make sense out of these data themselves, and do the work allotted to them quickly, continuously, and efficiently that is error-free. One of the major boosts of these Machine Learning models (models; are what they are called) is that they are self-learning, that is over time they will understand how to perform certain activities more effectively and more economical, effectively and in an organized way.

Blockchain: Blockchain is basically a system of storing information in a chain of blocks, which records information, which makes them immutable and thus facilitates security, and makes them the efficient secure way of storing information. Lately, Blockchain is being used as a Digital Ledger, storing, or recording transactions. Each block in the chain stores individual information and each block is linked with each other. Blockchain is quoted as the next big technology that is going to change our society.

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