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What is the role of AI and Machine Learning professionals in GIS/Geospatial field?

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GIS or Geographical Information System is a system that offers you the ability to capture and analyze spatial and geographical data. A simple example of us using the GIS is Maps, which we use to navigate in and around a place. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being employed in GIS/Geospatial field, to form newer domain like “geoAI” or Geospatial Artificial Intelligence, which thrives on AI, to store, manage, and perform spatial analysis, and do all the other tasks it meant to perform. Currently, AI and ML are being employed for object detection in these systems. With AI usage to empower these fields, there is a huge increase in the efficiency of the system and thus has started being applicable in a variety of fields outside of geography like getting to know the spread of disease, etc.

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