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What is the best way to master AI for a person belonging to a non-technical background?

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Artificial Intelligence like any other field in IT, can be mastered if you have the right skillsets. And what I mean by skillsets, is that you must have all the pre-requisites, checked before getting into this domain. It does not matter you are from a technical or non-technical background, but it surely helps people from a technical background to get started quickly if they have their basics and pre-requisites covered thoroughly. But do not worry there are many people like you who have a keen interest in learning and adapting to this technology. The best AI course that I have come across recently is Intellipaat’s Artificial Intelligence online course, which is geared towards making you practically skilled through instructor-led training and guided projects.

  • There are certain pre-requisites without which you will not be able to fully grasp the concepts of AI and they are:
  • Good grip on Math- Algebra, Calculus, and Probability & Statistics.
  • Coding knowledge- Python, C++, Java, or any other language depending on the preferences set up by the organizations that you may be working with.
  • There are many Deep Learning Frameworks, like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, etc.
  • And sound knowledge in Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Along with these you could attend conferences, bootcamps, read books, read the AI tutorial, and indulge in whatever source of effective learning that you could possibly do.

If you are passionate and serious about this career path and wish to break into this domain, I will suggest you take up the course from Intellipaat. Also, watch the following YouTube video on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners if you are a newbie to this domain.

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