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Could someone tell me how to clear the Salesforce admin certification?

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To clear the Salesforce admin certification exam just follow along the points mentioned below:

  1. Join an online course to help you get started with Salesforce, so that you don’t need to wander here and there for resources as time is precious in today’s life.
  2. Get your concepts right through a real-life based scenario questions as exercises and do some industrial-level projects to help you gain maximum exposure that will hone your practical skills.
  3. Before attempting the exam, go through its exam guide and research about what exactly they test and verify in you, in layman’s language, lookout for what they want from you.
  4. Join the Trailblazer community, get support from the experience fellow and also find your study partner, that makes the learning phase fun and interactive.
  5. Measure your preparation level by checking out the Admin certification Prep Trail which comes with Trailmix which shows you in percentage about the amount of portion left out, through this info. you could target any particular subject with attention.
  6. Once you complete the portion and feel confident about the exam, book the certification exam. But if you could, book before starting the preparation, as it will help you by setting up aim or target.

That’s it, now consider yourself qualified if you follow these points diligently. Interested in learning Salesforce the right way to crack the Salesforce certification for Administrators, then check out the Salesforce certification course from Intellipaat. Also, check out our comprehensive video on Salesforce Admin Certification.

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