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Could someone tell me what is the sequential flow of data analytics?

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The sequential flow of data analytics is data acquisition, Data wrangling, then exploration, followed by modeling and visualization.

Data Acquisition is the process of collecting data. Data wrangling is the process of gathering and selecting data. Data exploration is similar to visualization, except for the fact that it is before data analysis to better understand through a visual representation. Data modeling is a process of generating data models to help data to be stored in the database, whereas Data visualization is a graphical demonstration of the insight gained from a large pool of structured and unstructured data.

The sequential flow of Data Analytics is the sequential process involved in data analysis from collecting to transforming to representing to gain meaningful information. Aspiring to be a Data Analyst? Enroll in the Data Analytics course from Intellipaat, and get started. Also, have a look at our Data Analytics for Beginners’ video from our subject matter experts.

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