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Could someone tell me how do you explain data science to non-computer science people?

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Data Science handles massive amounts of data collected from multiple sources and in various formats. Modern tools and methods then help to discover or identify patterns or trends in this data. By doing so, it uncovers valuable information. This is then presented in a visual format to communicate all findings that were acquired from the data to the key stakeholders of an organization. These generated insights in turn help to make better decisions based on numbers and the data received thus, profiting the organization or business in various aspects like improved revenue generation, efficient operations, customer understanding, fraud detection, and many more.

 Whichever sector you consider, it is likely that Data Science will play a big role because:

  • Every sector has questions and problems that are waiting to be solved

  • Every organization generates enormous amounts of data

 Data Science can add value to any business that understands and knows how to use it. Following is how Data Science can benefit an organization: 

  • Empowering a business to make better decisions

  • Driving actions based on trends

  • Adopting best practices and focusing on issues that matter

  • Identifying profitable opportunities

  • Improved decision-making with data-driven and quantifiable evidence rather than intuition

  • Identification or refining of target audiences

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Here is a video to explain ‘What is Data Science?’

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