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Could someone tell me how to become a Google cloud architect?

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Google Cloud Architect is a professional who is certified with Cloud Architect professional certification. Anyone with the required skillset could give the exam, with the stated requirement, like 3+ years industry experience with 1+ years of experience in GCP designing and managing solutions. A Google certified cloud architect is the professional who knows the GCP inside-out, to design and manage scalable and highly efficient solutions in the platform for their organization or clients. Let me share some checkpoints that will make your preparation easier for Google Cloud Architect professional level certification:

  1. First of all, check the requirements and the exam guide which will help you in understanding the exam and what could be asked or tested to obtain the certification.
  2. Right after that you could review and test your basics through sample questions available on the GCP official training website, these sample questions should be considered just as a sample and not the official questions asked in the examination.
  3. If you need to become a GCP certified professional cloud architect, without wandering much into the unknown, and numerous resources to study. It's better to opt for an online training course from a good training company on a GCP certification course, which will help you in getting trained and skilled in the objectives of the certification exam.
  4. Enrolling in a course from Intellipaat is a good option, as its certification holds value in more than 80 MNC’s around the globe. So, that’s it once you feel confident enough from your preparation, you could go to the official Google cloud certification website and book online for the certification exam by paying the registration amount of USD 200 online. And then take the exam and qualify to become a Google cloud architect.

Wish to know more, check out our YouTube video on Google Cloud Platform Course.

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