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Very often, when I hit Publish in VS13, I get the site to compile but when uploading I get the error saying that a file is busy.

Updating file (MyAzureSite\PrecompiledApp.config).


Error ERROR_FILE_IN_USE: Web deployment task failed.

(The file 'PrecompiledApp.config' is in use.

Learn more at

When I follow the link provided, it's suggested that I should go for enabling the appOffline rule. "Sure!", I think to myself. But how?! I've googled it, only to get a bunch of hits on the file that's supposed to replace the site while publishing. However, I get no info on how to get rid of my little problem.

I went the easy way and downloaded a publishing profile from my Azure web site and now I'm using it (you know, ALT+B+H).

Right now I resolve the problem by going to the portal for Azure and manually take the site off-line. Then I can publish and after that I take the site on-line. Highly impractical and painfully tedious.

What is causing this and how do I kill it?

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You can easily configure it in a publishing profile which .pubxml. All you need to do is just add the element to the PropertyGroup as shown below:


 <EnableMSDeployAppOffline>true</EnableMSDeployAppOffline>  ...


Rest you can refer in this document by Microsoft:

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